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Worth It Daughters

“This blog was created to inspire young Christian women. I plan to share my story, experiences, and advice to help us build a deeper relationship with Christ while enjoying our season of singleness God has blessed us with.”

Read more on Tiara’s blog about abstinence, celibacy, and singleness as a Christian woman.


Life of an Unfriendly Black Hottie


my name is zawadi.

i am black.

i am a womxn.

this is my blog.

My name is Zawadi and I am currently a student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. I originally hail from Washington, DC aka  Chocolate City (rip).

I created this blog to serve as a database for my never ending insights on different topics, a place to rant, a way for others to have access to my writings of past present and future, a medium to display all that inspires me, and as a form of self care.

It’s taken me a lot of courage and time to finally create this space and I thank every single person that inspired and empowered me to do so. enjoy.”

Check out Zawadi’s blog to read more on black feminisms and what it means to exude “full womxnness”. Link below:




“My blog began back in the summer of 2014. I didn’t actively use it until I went abroad the Spring of 2015. Since then, I’ve used my blog as a space for venting during tragedy, sharing adventures, and most recently exhibiting my natural hair journey. I find it difficult at times to separate myself from my journalist label, but I hope to later become more confident in sharing the more intimate parts of myself rather than making everything an “objective” headline story. I challenge myself to journal my wellness, celebrate my victories, and remember I am not meant to be like anyone else.”



“My website is a public personal blog site where I share personal thoughts, reflections, words of affirmation, self care routines, health and wellness tips. It originally started as a space for me to put my art on display, but it turned into a space for me to be more open/share my thoughts/encourage people to take care of themselves because the world is f’d up. I low-key have social anxiety so i don’t put everything that I want to on there, but my hope is that I get more comfortable writing honestly and hope that I can reach somebody somewhere. Topics are black feminism, study abroad adventures, health, self care, art, loc journey and whatever else moves me.”

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