BKCHAT: Shoot Ya Shot

Hey y'all. We know times are hard out here on the dating scene. We know Cuffing Season just ended and 2019 is the year of the woman, so here are some tips to get a head-start for next year. Find out which apps are best to shoow your shot on, how to properly use emojis … Continue reading BKCHAT: Shoot Ya Shot

What do You Want to See from BKCHAT?

Hello all! Damitu and I are trying a new thing where people give feedback on what they want to see from BKCHAT:UW-Madison. https://youtu.be/RHuV-a2TQnw The idea for BKCHAT originated from BKChatWorld, a channel on YouTube that features videos from London, NYC and Houston. Since the primary audience is UW-Madison students, why not have y'all get involved? … Continue reading What do You Want to See from BKCHAT?

BKCHAT: UW-Madison “Hits the Blunt Edition”

BKCHAT: UW-Madison is back! Sometimes you'll be minding your business in class, washing dishes, or just cooling with your youngins, and all of a sudden, a thought crosses your mind: "Is water wet?" "What came first, the chicken or the egg?" "What if aliens really exist?" To be honest, at the end of this discussion, … Continue reading BKCHAT: UW-Madison “Hits the Blunt Edition”